10 New MMOs in 2012 to Anticipate

TIME : 02nd Feb 2012 ThuAUTHOR : Eleanor

The January of 2012 has just passed, dragging away the freshness of a new year. Everything just returns to the normal routine. We just sleep, eat, work, and also play games. As we still engage in whatever absorbs our current attention, new games never fails to distract us a little bit with their own identities. And now, let’s look at several potent MMO candidates that have good reason to enroll in our wait-to-play list.

1. ArcheAge

ArcheAge, previously known as Project X2, is a game made by Korea-based XL Games and still in closed beta test right now. It is undoubtedly a blockbuster full-featured with many playable elements, such as the great house building and decoration, fierce battles against wild monsters, bosses in dungeons and other players in the large scaled PvP battlegrounds. In it, players can stay being good and catch criminals by tracing footprints; or they can also grow the other way around and finally evolve into Pirates. Embark on the journey to solve problems imposed by the past and define your own destiny.

2.Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul may arouse the illusion that it’s not a new MMO, due to the never ceasing exposure since it first entered the public view in 2009. Yet it’s slated to officially release in the Q3 of 2012. Run on the Unreal 3 Engine, this action MMO is worked on with efforts to present 100% graphics and visual effects, with the beautiful eastern world as well as NSFW-styled characters on the focal. Role-playing part embodied by the race and class plays its role, but martial arts action is at the core to allow players to experience fierce and fluid combat.


BLESS has caught public attention since Neowiz Games announced it at last year’s NOW 2011. Set in a fantasy backdrop of Middle Ages, it is going to put onstage the large-scale factional wars, in which players can deliver attacks from land, sea and sky. In it, players choose from 10 different races which are divided into two opposing realms, Hierapolis and Cosmopolis. Run on the Unreal Engine3, it boasts ‘extremely detailed yet full-scale worlds’ to present a lifelike fabulous environment as well as great animations rendered at length. Ready to amaze its beautiful world and full-fledged combat.

4.EIN (Epicus Incognitus)

EIN, inspired by the namesake TV series, was firstly presented also by Neowiz Games at Now 2011 with a cinematic trailer. It relies a lot on the rich storytelling and features a spectacular world interwoven of reality and fantasy. In it, players can engage in various game modes covering PvP, PvE and Castle siege, etc., and relish ever-changing action combos as characters level up or items grow by different ways.

5. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 was recently confirmed to officially release in the dragon year by ArenaNet. In spring, a series of beta test events will be held to embrace an increasing pool of participants in.In terms of gameplay, it rekindles the conflict of the two guilds, Destiny’s Edge and Elder Dragons, in the land of Tyria. It provides in-depth skill-specific character progression, fulfilling combat with active control, great setups of weather effect and day-night cycle, Side-kick system for all levels of players to take in the PvP real-time combat, and an innovative Event System to offer dynamic gameplay in PvE contents.

6. Lineage Eternal

Lineage Eternal is a really eye-catching blockbuster from NCsoft, which has great potential to eclipse AION and Blade&Soul made by the same dev. Innovative sums it up: it features a hold-and-drag mouse control for players to release skills inflicting damage to chosen target scope; it boasts a responsive gaming environment that almost allows players to turn to anything by hand for help in combat; and it also has a Smart View system which provides best perspectives adjusting to every battle. Flex your muscle in massive war.

7. Mabinogi 2

Mabinogi 2, sequel to Mabinogi, is a highly anticipated MMO that has whetted players’ appetite for quite a long time since the debut in 2008. With the recently released intro video, it has entered the public view again with five all-new characters. All skill-specific, these five characters represent five different classes with names unconfirmed. Currently, it remains covered with lid without much info known to all.

8. Queen’s Blade

Queen’s Blade has entered the spotlight with female glamour. Best known for its female-class-only design, it features five different adorable, sexy female characters that will fight to survive the post-apocalyptic world. Amazingly, they can transform into gigantic robots to release greater power in battles, which sort-of make up for the lack of the male classes.

9. Soul Worker

Soul Worker is an anime-styled action MMO that features cel-shaded graphics, rhythmical action and cinematic gameplay against a destructible world-end universe. It places players in the role of girl psychics, solving puzzles of the Maze system and surviving to bare the secrets behind the sudden disappearance of the city.

10.The War of Genesis 4: Spiral Genesis

The War of Genesis 4 has just made its debut in a promotion trailer in early 2012, bringing online the long-running The War of Genesis franchise for the first time. It averts from the usual solo gameplay into team-based formation that allows five characters to fight together as a group. Due to the special design of Escatos, rift of time, it incorporates all the worlds depicted in prior series with almost all classes and characters which may exceed 50 and 300 respectively. Besides, it will be 3D. And it’s planned to release at the Q4 of this year.