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1849 is a new gold-rush city management Simulation game set in the 19th century California. Inspired by classic Sims like SimCity and Civilization series, 1849 revives the old gold-digging period and casts players into the rush for fortune and fame.

Players in 1849 assume the role of prospectors arriving at California to dig gold in the Rush. They are not peons but employers of workers with the ambition of building a bustling mining empire. On the wild and rugged land of the provincial backwater players have tons of work to do – build mining camps, hire workers, develop mines and farming lands, set up businesses to clothe, feed and entertain inhabitants, open up trading routes and build up the trade networks, etc. – in order to develop California into a thriving city and economic power.


1849 features a challenging and exciting campaign including 20 unique scenarios based off 20 real life cities back in that era, which traces the development of the Gold Rush in northern Calif. From the initial High Sierra to San Francisco players grow from clusters of mining camps to a bustling city and unlock new scenarios along the way that vary in landscapes, natural resources, opportunities, tasks and challenge. Besides, 1849 also offers an endless sandbox gaming mode for players to build their west town in a free style.

Other than rich and fun contents, the vivid and period art style also deepens the immersion in 1849. The game is designed with great details to represent the flavor of the Old West. The 19th century world is brought back to life with period setups from the riverside settlements to wooded outposts to the workers in period dress. All those are inspired by surviving buildings in the California’s Gold Country and period photographs.

1849 is scheduled to release on PC, Mac, iPad and Android Tablets in May 2014. For players who can’t wait to dig gold, you can get in via the early access (for $9.99) now available for PC and Mac.

1849 – Key Game Features:

  • Solid and stylish city-building simulator with unique Gold Rush settings designed for multi-platform
  • A full campaign of 20 scenarios with unique sceneries, resources, tasks, obstacles and rewards to complete plus a free-form sandbox gaming mode
  • Rich city-building contents with deep strategic planning to represent the development of the 19th century California
  • Detailed graphics with period design to breathe life into the alternate Old West

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