4Story November Update Highlight

TIME : 14th Nov 2012 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

Seoul, Korea – November 14th, 2012 – “For the very first time, the Three Alliance was forged and sent to a place where the recent investigation revealed some indication of the Rift in Spacetime. After decades of rivalry and dispute the three nations had decided to put their differences away for the moment to solve the problem what might lead to the destruction of their world. But their new alliance might be short lived as it becomes clear that the decades of rivalry between the Defugels and the Craxions cannot be overcome in a few days. Now they must find a way to settle their difference or face destruction in the most remote and mysterious region of Clarsus Mountains.”


4Story is launching a new update on the 15th of November. It will be introducing a new map called the Clarsus Mountains for the level 90 players. The entrance portal will be located in the capital castle so that players will be able to move to the territory with ease. It is a land where its harsh environments have long abandoned the humans and one of the few lands where the Dragons have been known to roam. It is in this land where the sky was torched by the Rift in Spacetime forming a red sky and a hollow in the middle.

Thus, it will be the job of the players to stop the evil dragon invasion every day at 10:30 pm where players will have to form several corps of 7 parties to compete to defeat one Dragon and its 4 under bosses and tons of its dominions. The Boss Dragon, of course, will not be attackable unless the 4 underbosses have been defeated. Each Boss Dragon will spawn every day at 10:30 pm.

This update will be followed by the level cap increase, the base performance level 40 armor introductions and new pets. Finally the high level players will have something to play on as the level cap is increased by 3. Its base performance level 40 armor will aid them on their way to glory. A total of 5 pets will also be introduced. This pet will increase the character’s stats by 1 for each pet’s level up; giving a total of 43 stat points at the most: 1 all stat for each level 10 unsummoned pet and 10 stat points for the summoned pets. What’s more, the pet will give one buff upon equipping of the skill potion.

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