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A Candy Swipe HD is a sweet and addictive match-3 puzzle game full of aroma and popping action. Switch candies to make matches and create explosive effects in more than 100 levels of challenge and fun!

A Candy Swipe HD is quite conventional. While the artwork is unique, the match-3 mechanic is all what we are familiar with. Match three or more same colored sweets by switching adjacent ones and try to use limited moves to complete the specific goals of a level. Objective-oriented, each level challenges you differently. In some stages you use limited moves to score certain points, reach at least one star, break all icy tiles or collect the required number of fruits; and in other levels you run with time to achieve the goals before the countdown.

A Candy Swipe HD

As usual, you can create booster sweets by making big and special matches, or directly buy them in the magical shop after you’ve unlocked them. There are 11 types of power-up candies with unique effects. The magical brush will paint a regular candy into a rainbow that can be matched with a random candy to eliminate all of the same color on the board, for instance. And there are the several different bombs, time pause, magical glove, black hole and so on. Create them freely with skill and use them to pull out of the fire.

A Candy Swipe HD provides over 100 challenging and fun levels (at launch) across eight distinct maps. The adorable artwork, the diverse match-3 challenges and good graphics & soundtracks are blended to make it a solid and appealing casual puzzler.

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Key Features:

  • Explore 8 beautifully drawn themed maps with over 100 exciting levels
  • Play classic match-3 games with a sweet sweets theme
  • Create and use 11 types of boosters to reach 3 stars
  • Compete with friends for higher rank in the Leaderboard
  • Enjoy hours of fun, completely for free