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Abductor Pro is a fresh and fun 3D Arcade game about beaming up earthlings into outer space! The game is a lovely, harmless take on the shooter genre creating an addictive and exciting “ego-beamer” experience.

Abductor Pro

Players in Abductor Pro assume the role of the alien Antaris, a human abductor committed in beaming suitable earthlings up to populate the many uninhabited planets in the vast galaxy. Players will control Antaris’s UFO floating over the Earth in search for humans and when pinpointing a target, aim and beam him/her up. Not all earthlings can survive the particular atmosphere of each planet, however. So players need to check the Abudction Holopad first to learn which human types to snatch and which ones to avoid.

While Antaris is not shooting civilians, he does fire at various blockade-like objects and potential dangers such as air mines, barrels, drones, chasing helicopters and artillery to clear paths for his body snatching mission and protect himself from being shot. And all can be done with simple and intuitive Tilt-and-Tap control. From easy to challenging, players will gradually unlock new planets and take on tougher scenarios with new disturbing factors like bad weathers, control system damage, powerful counterforce and swapping humans to have different challenge and greater fun.

Abductor Pro utilizes Unity3D to render an impressive graphics in a unique art style (of that, you can get a preview from its screenshots below). Abductor Pro is developed by Andrew ‘Ploink’ Sinn, the co-creator of the megahit app eBoy FixPix in 2010, as well as his colleagues at Delicious Toys.

Abductor Pro is arriving at the App Store on Dec. 6, 2013 and can be downloaded for $2.99.

Abductor Pro Screenshots:

Key Features:

  • A refreshing 3D arcade game with addictive shooting fun yet without civil casualty
  • Simple yet challenging mission of abducting the right humans to populate extraterrestrial planets
  • Abduction Holopad with detailed info about the right earthlings for the very planets
  • Intuitive tilt and tap controls to aim, beam and shoot
  • 14 distinct planets to unlock for varied scenarios and increasing disturbances
  • 42 types of humans to unlock and kidnap
  • Unique “wallpapered low polygon” artwork and impressive graphics
  • One time purchase without additional IAP