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Ace of Spades is a brand new sandbox FPS that has combined Minecraft-styled creation with strategic shooting experience. Unlike the Build-Share-Play Brick-Force, Ace of Spade should be Create-Share-Destroy-Create Again.

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Ace of Spades is not the first sandbox multiplayer online shooter, but it is the first that introduces the destruction of player-built battleground. You can construct tunnels, trenches, fortresses and anything with different blocks, and release your imagination and creativity to build the most popular custom maps. But note that, your creation will be destroyed like in a real war.

Ace of Spades features a big world with constantly evolving battlegrounds to fight in. You can choose one class for your gunner, equip with a primary weapon (rifle, submachine gun or shotgun), a melee weapon and a spade, and battle to victory with tactics and action. Among the various game modes, you will find your favorite and some others insanely interesting.

The game is still under development with the full game slated to release on Steam on December 2012.

Note: Ace of Spades is not free-to-play. But the exact price is not released yet.

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