ACE Online Episode 4.2 Has Arrived

TIME : 28th Mar 2013 ThuAUTHOR : Eleanor

Suba Games is proud to announce that the long-awaited update Episode 4.2 for ACE Online has finally arrived, which brings dramatic new changes to the game with new maps to explore, new quests to accept and hundreds of new and updated items to collect. ACE fans can get an overview of what’s coming below after the cut.

ACE Online

The Two New Maps to Play on:

  • Lost Oasis and NGC Marine Laboratory bring new battlefields, including a new NGC Mothership event to tackle, and a revised Crystal Trigger System that lets players unlock new items, bosses, levels to play on, and more!
  • NGC Marine Laboratory features perilous water spouts, floating rocks and verdant forests, while in Lost Oasis you’ll fight over a vast desert with a sparkling oasis hidden deep within!

Tons of New Items:

  • New Hyper Gamble Cards allow pilots to refine their choices in weapon and armor bonuses to get the gear that’s right for their GEAR!
  • Dozens of new and upgraded weapons have been made available!  Take the fight to your enemy!
  • All slot armors have had their appearances added to the Cash Shop.  Now you can make your armor look however you want, and keep the stats it already has!  These new contours are time-limited, allowing for players to enjoy them either on a short-term or long-term basis, all for lower prices!

All New Systems:

  • The brand-new Blessing of Decca system lets players earn more experience points even when they’re off-duty!  Log in every day to get an experience bonus as soon as you come back into the game!  The Strength of Decca bonus, meanwhile, lets players get more experience bonuses the more monsters they kill during the game!  Players will also see bigger experience bonuses for inviting their friends, and joining formations and brigades!
  • Super Gamble, Prefix and Suffix Removal, and Enchant Item Protect Cards have been added to the War Point shop, allowing players to access these high-level bonuses without having to pay for them!

Enjoy playing ACE Online and show your support for its Steam Greenlight campaign.