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Aika Online

Aika Online
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Publisher: HanbitSoft & Gala Inc.
  • Developer: JoyImpact
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Official Site

Aika Online is a F2P fantasy MMORPG full-featured with staple elements typical in fantasy titles and oriented with large scale of PvP combat among in-game nations. In it, players can access many playable systems including a series of varied quests, dungeon crawling, crafting, evolving pet Pran, mounts and scaled PvP game modes, etc..

Aika Online

Aika Online takes place in Arcan, a fantasy land created by the Goddess Aika but faced with chaos raised by the flawed races there. While the back story is not inviting, the following quests boast satisfactory scripts, though questing is not the most exciting part of the gameplay. The highlight is accredited to the impressive 1000 vs. 1000 warfare that pits five in-game nations against each other to become the strongest. Besides, the PvP system also allows players to compete players from enemy nations in smaller sized group to practice in the training Battlegrounds and Castle Sieges.

Players don’t select to join one nation in the beginning, though. Instead, players just pick up one of six gender-locked character classes and become one of three commonest archetypes as a melee fighter, ranged DPS or a spell-caster. As players level up, specific quests will be offered for players to get Pran, a fairy-like pet that grows through four evolution phases, as well as mounts. Players who love grouping will be delightful since the partying together comes as early as the pet, though being solo is an optional choice as well.

Aika Online presents solid MMO features, some of which are rendered with nice tweaks. Since its release, it has been expanded with new updates couples of times to bring in new available contents. Explore the wild, delve into dungeons, craft better gears, raise a daughter Pran and engage in a rich variety of scaled PvP combat- Aika is more interesting than it’s described here and really worth a try.

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