Alfheim Tales Online



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Alfheim Tales Online is an anime-styled 3D fantasy MMORPG with as small as a 1MB micro client. With a quick download players can enter into a star city called Carlyle and enjoy the social casual adventure full of cutesy.

Alfheim Tales Online

Alfheim Tales Online features four traditional characters known as Knight, Mage, Priest and Assassin, each safeguarded by the spirits of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. Players can freely choose their favorite type and develop their avatars with mixed talents due to the Duel Skill system. While a knight is a basically a close-quarter fighter, it can be trained into a defensive class as a Shield knight or a DPS style as a Blade knight, for instance. Players can choose their own builds up for characters and gradually unlock new game contents with progression through the quest chain.

The game is quite conventional with all the established concepts like quests, events, battle, mini-games, multiplayer interaction, pets and mounts, spirit cultivation, etc.. With its diverse and universally cute theme like candy garden and more than 100 lovely pets from snowman to cupcake, it attracts the group of girls and casual players while driving away mid-core gamers.

Alfheim Tales Online is developed by the creator of Chrono Tales. It is ready to enter open beta in Dec. 11, 2013.