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Alliance Warfare is a free-to-play medieval Real-time Strategy MMO that is easily accessible on the web browser. The game is built on the established concepts of a RTS title and also introduces some nice new features, which combine to bring a familiar experience with some neat freshness.

Set in the typical medieval setting, Alliance Warfare casts you into the role of a new lord of a city who is tasked to develop it into a great power in the war-torn land. You can choose to start your city in one of the four regions of the four separated continents, simply select the gender-locked avatar and then set off on your quest.

Alliance Warfare

As usual it starts with a rewarding tutorial that introduces all basic mechanics and rewards you with resources in completion. Construct a series of buildings, produce and consume resources, strengthen the defensive walls and towers, recruit generals and train army units, upgrade researches, launch attacks against resource-rich valleys, form alliances and seek to achieve greater ambition – all these old same elements are maintained as the pillar of the gameplay and won’t surprise anyone who ever played one single real-time strategy game before.

For veterans of this genre, though, there do exist something new and some variations (if not changes) in some familiar system. In construction, for example, you may think to yourself that the building types are limited when you open the building list to find the Tavern to construct, but later you will find that some of the familiar buildings related to research are put into the Tech category, which you don’t build in the city but directly upgrade in the Tech panel. And there you will find a direct and clear tech tree in each of the three classes listed as Military, Resource and Knowledge. Meanwhile, resource-generating mines will be built in the different spots you conquered in the world map. You need to first occupy a forest, a mountain and other terrains outside before you construct the specific bonus resource mine there. With the alternation of building location, you now have a convenient and goal-oriented tech trees and greater competition and interaction with other lords in the world.

When it comes to the completely new feature, it is the integration of an in-game radio which players can activate by clicking on the corresponding icon on the top right to play the station. Toggle it on, you can listen to different channels, ask questions and get your answer from the hosting D.J. live at intervals of song dedications. If you want, you can also donate to your favorite station.

In this solid game, you can have your usual in-depth strategy building of your troop. There are a dozen or so army units as well as several defensive devices such as catapults and ballista to unlock and use. And you can explore the overall 11 types of technology concerning horse riding, fortification strength and gun powder and so on, which can greatly facilitate the troop in battle. And don’t forget to draw upon the help of allies.

To conclude, Alliance Warfare is a solid and conventional tactical game with some nice twists in some aspects. It has hand-drawn style of graphics, mid-core strategic battles, a neat implementation of in-game radio and some nice changes here and there. While it doesn’t raise the bar or explore further potentials of the RTS genre, it is a fair title above the average.

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