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Allods Online, or simple Allods, is a 3D free-to-play fantasy MMORPG set in a stylized world. It features gorgeous graphics, intriguing storyline and intense PvP action presented in several gaming modes. It was a constant hit at launch and commented by many as one of the best F2P titles available in the market. Its similarity to WoW has been elaborated and mostly criticized in the graphics, gameplay, UI setups and even character creation; yet it’s popular and undeniably fun. Here we just want to set aside the comparison and concentrate on the gameplay.

In Allods, you can start out with the special character that suits your playstyle due to the wide range of choices in avatar creation. You first choose one side, The League or The Empire, then select from the three races offered for your chosen faction, and opt one of the eight classes listed as Warrior, Paladin, Scout, Healer, Warden, Mage, Summoner or Psionicist. And your final character archetype is a result of all your three choices. For instance, League-Elf-Paladin leads to Templar, while Empire-Orc-Paladin results in Reaver. Similar archetypes may share certain common attributes, but also differ from one another in the passive ability as well as the appearance. Besides, the choice of faction decides where you start your adventure (tutorial in fact): the League is escaping from the destroyed homeland; the Empire is fighting an aerial battle by airship; and the floating islands, e.g. Allods formed after the destruction of Sarnaut becomes the new battleground.

In-game graphics is unanimously acclaimed. Once you are in, this stylish world wins you over, no matter it’s the urban-like vista of the Empire zone or the magic-lit skyline of the League region that greets you. It’s only a start. As you move on, it’s quite probably that you find yourself pause only to drink in the amazing graphics on your way quest-ward. Back music is not equally impressive: it’s a little fitful, volatile and unpredictable occasionally, yet is great and immersive on the whole.

Quests are endless to keep you hands full. They are also marked on the mini-map, which makes it easier to find them. As you quest on, XP bar is filled up; so is the Fatigue meter. Interestingly, the gathered fatigue pays off as well, for a certain amount of it can be exchanged for XP at an innkeeper each day. After reaching that amount, you can continue the play. So fatigue doesn’t limit your acts; instead it deepens the gameplay a bit, allowing you to decide whether to win double xp in shorter round of play or go on with your adventure regardless.

Leveling-up pace varies. You may sail though the first five or so levels quite fast and smoothly, then slows down as if caught in a bottleneck, and then catches up speed again. As you progress, you gain talent point every time you move on to next level, which is used to enhance an unlocked skill or activate a new one. And you are able to allot stat points to further customize the character.

As to the PvP, the game offers several different modes for you to explore. You can duel, seek for challenge in Arena or take on others in open pk. Different parts of the world set different rules for PvP as well, such as the different amounts of xp assigned to players based on their ‘flagging’ or not. The most unique part in PvP, however, is the airship battles in space, which allows you to pilot your own airship, force access to the enemy’s and loot storage if you win. Yet you have to level up high enough to be part of it.

Allods is polished and impressive. Gorgeous graphics, immersive gameplay and quite a few innovations combine to make an enjoyable game. No wonder so many players have a word about its ‘clone’ issue though still enjoy the game a lot.

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