Ancients of Fasaria



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Ancients of Fasaria: Lords of the Forgotten Moons is a new fantasy MMORPG that takes into the planet of Fasaria as well as her three moons. To unveil the mystery behind the planets imminent demise, players will set off for adventure and fight various battles with tactics.

Ancients of Fasaria

Game Features:

  • Adventure: travel across Fasaria and her moons and engage in a progressive RPG adventure
  • Space Station and Colony: recruit crew to join your fleet and build your own space station, grow population and collect tribute that brings you more resources, experience and bonuses
  • Karma: defeat foes and earn positive or negative karma which can be used to gain special bonuses, attributes and tokens and meanwhile determines your faction
  • Factions: join one of the two rival factions based on your karma, and battle PvP in real-time anywhere in multiplayer mode
  • Quests: accept mission and complete them to earn mission points, which are then used to unlock new areas to explore
  • Parts: salvage parts and engineer them to make mission items that can be traded in to finish tasks, earn mission points, EXP and resources
  • Weekly Ranking: compete weekly for ranking on the leaderboard, with tokens rewarded for the top five every week

Ancients of Fasaria consists of a single-player campaign and an online PvE and PvP experience. And these two divided elements can be played with a shared character.

Ancients of Fasaria is now officially launched, with a free trial downloadable on its website.