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Angel’s Wrath is a free browser-based fantasy MMORPG with oriental settings and storyline. A typical grinding Asian title, the game mashes up the whole bunch of elements of an action RPG and wraps them under a new fancy skin to be “different”.

The title of the game doesn’t have any bearing with the in-game contents and features. The game starts with a quest and develops only with more in the same kill-a-monster category. Follow the quest boxes, players can level up really fast, putting more skills in the hotbar and unlocking more emblems on the interface. But what’s it for? From traveling to gearing-up to combating (even in dungeons), all of them are automatic, requiring only repetitive point-and-click. Pets, wings, quests, dungeons, skill & crafting system, guilds, battle both in PvE and PvP and on – the game has all of them and keeps them stubbornly the exactly same with the crowd. While you may don’t see where the angel’s wrath come from, you do feel the wrath, with boredom, when you see it.

Angels Wrath

It’s not just about this game. Bias for Asian games especially those browser-based come with a good reason. New games keep rushing into the market, and the big problem is that they are not new at all. It’s like that all are generated randomly from sort-of same software and then put on a different face. It really needs to end the crazy, time-wasting mimesis. Put efforts on creating something really fresh and new that won’t ruin the expectation for a NEW game.

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