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Anime Pirates

Anime Pirates
  • Release Date: March, 2013
  • Publisher: Prodigy Infinitech
  • Developer: Prodigy Infinitech
  • Genre:
  • Official Site

Anime Pirates is an anime-styled multiplayer action RPG heavily inspired by the popular Japanese anime One Piece. Around the pirates vs. marine storyline, the game blends role-playing element with turn-based tactical battles into a casual, fun experience on the web browser.

Strongly based on One Piece, the game features a roster of characters from the anime like the craw-hat Luffy, who are integral in the storyline and will show up from time to time when there are hard battles to fight. But they are not roles players can take on. Instead, players can choose from six different characters, each representing a class and owning its own life story that adds specific personality to its role. Melee to ranged, the class design is quite conventional, none of it unseen in the MMOdom, with the only freshness from the attractive visuals of different classes’ skills in battle.

Anime Pirates

Combat makes the bulk of gameplay. From a budding pirate to the captain of a ship, players will fight their way up and prove their leadership and prowess via the test and challenge against both bad pirates and the marine army. Battle is fought turn-based, with a slight layer of tactics from the selection of the right crew and arrangement of their position in the battle formation. With progression in the storyline, players will be able to recruit crew and take them into battle, upgrade the battle formation to unlock more slots, and take on enemies with a little strategy. In general, however, the in-game battle is casual and non-challenging as long as a player master the basic battle tactics and keep crew well-trained and nicely-equipped.

The game starts with quests unfolding the story and introducing the basics and will gradually add or unlock new systems such as ship sail, team-based combat and arena at certain levels. The similarity to most browser-based action RPGs out there is still there, as a minus to the assessment. But the effort of bringing the established concepts tightly to the pirate theme is visible – however minor a role the Main Ship plays, it is a good implementation that verifies the crew training, sailing and other systems that are generally thrusted into a game mindlessly.

Anime Pirates is a casual title, beautifully drawn in the graphics and passable in the core. Although there is an official game site, players can only play it on Facebook.

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