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Anomaly 2, sequel to the hit app Anomaly Warzone Earth, is the latest installment to the award-winning Anomaly IP bringing back the biggest tower offense action with superb graphics and tense combat.

Anomaly 2

Set in a post-apocalyptic waste world, Anomaly 2 provides fierce arcade-style action with both single-player campaign and PvP multiplayer. Players in the game can fight alien machines for the survival of man or join the online multiplayer challenge in the epic tower defense vs. tower offense battles among themselves. With the largest scale of tower offense, it offers numerous tactical combinations of troops and war machines.

Anomaly 2 is published by Chilllingo Ltd., the mobile game publisher behind Iron Force, Perfect Kick, Monster Truck Destruction and more. The new game is priced $4.99 available in the App Store for iOS 5.0 or later (while it is compatible with former generations, its super-demanding graphics causes low performance).

Anomaly 2 – Game Features:

  • The biggest ever tower offense game and latest works of the acclaimed Anomaly franchise
  • Massive solo campaigns with rich story and alternate endings
  • Online multiplayer challenge on five unique maps where you play as the towers to destroy humans or as humans to eliminate the alien towers
  • Over a million tactical combinations and transforming mechs
  • Cutting-edge new engine to render incredible visuals and special effects