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Answer the Call of Orion in Mission Against Terror

May 3,2013 by Eleanor

Mission Against Terror brings players new content every month. In May, Mission Against Terror takes you to the depths of the Orion Sector, following the accidental find of an alien weapon cache.   So new maps, new weapons and new items will be in the patch as such:


New Weapons: Kremlin AK-47, Orion’s Gatling Gun

  • Orion’s Gatling Gun: Feel the wrath of the might Greek hunter Orion like never before.  Found in a star system of the same name, in a hidden weapon testing facility of alien origins.  What happened to its creators is still unknown….beware
  • Kremlin AK-47:  The pride of the Soviet Tekworks, a top secret research and weapon testing facility located deep beneath the Kremlin itself.  It was smuggled out by a double agent and now rests in your hands.  Watch you back, its owners may come looking for it

New Map:  Orion Outpost-I

Deep within the Orion Sector on the fringes of the human domain, lies a solitary recon outpost.  It lies in an area where mysterious disappearances have recently been reported.  Cargo vessels have gone missing without a trace.  This should have been expected, after all this is where the Orion weapons were found last year, tightly sealed in  a long abandoned weapon testing facility of alien origins.  Be vigilant, for we may not be alone out here…

New Items: Spetsnaz Commando Suit(male), KGB Agent(female),

  • Spetsnaz commandos are an elite military unit of the Russian armed forces.  They come in fast, stealthily, and don’t leave until the job is done.  They were to take possession of the prototype Kremlin AK-47 for field testing, when it was stolen.  Pray they never catch up with the thief.
  • KGB Agent: A tough female agent, sent in to “clean up” the situation with the missing prototype weapon.  She is not to be taken lightly or underestimated, if you looks could kill you’d already be dead.
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