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APB: Reloaded is an exciting multiplayer Third-person Shooter that revolves the fierce rivalry between two opposing factions. Originally launched as a full-price video game, the game has been re-released under a new publisher in the freemium model.

APB: Reloaded

APB: Reloaded features a theme of urban sprawls and depicts a crime-ravaged metropolis, San Paro, where the Enforcers and the Criminals are taking arms against each other for their own belief. Players can choose one faction to join and jump into a specific storyline being the role they desire to be; no matter it is a pure bad guy, a hypocritical cop or a criminal with work ethics.

Key Features:

  • Battle in confrontation-styled missions in a persistent world as one side takes the lead completing a series of objectives while the other trying to hinder the completion of the acts
  • Make progression in character development with a wealth of clothing, vehicles, mods, weapons, etc. to be unlocked steadily
  • A large arsenal of unique weapons fully customizable with modifications
  • Intense PvP combat between two factions in the medium-sized city
  • Interesting Prestige / Notoriety meter escalating the gunfire with increasing rewards
  • Set your own themes in the deep, custom music studio

APB: Reloaded has accumulated over three million registered players since its re-launch at the end of 2011. Its innovative confrontation-styled mission system, great urban artwork and dynamic shooting experience combine to make it a worthy try.

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