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APB: Vendetta is a new multiplayer acrobatic FPS inspired by the APB: Reloaded universe. Under development at the same dev team, Vendetta has a degree of crossroad with its predecessor but is completely an all new experience for FPS fans in core contents and in business model. It has a bundle of exciting features to make a cinematic and athletic game.

APB Vendetta

  • Characters:

The game starts with and revolves around 12 (initial) different characters styling fighting game avatars with larger-than-life abilities. Each character has a detailed data that cover weight, health, agility, speed, slide distances, kick-off angle, etc.. Based on the three basic dimensions of speed, health and agility, characters are categorized into three classes, Acrobat, Mercenary and Juggernaut. By picking up different characters, players will enter a unique gaming world and have an all new experience.

  • Parkour:

The game is designed with a responsive mechanic that renders athletic and creative movement as part of the core gameplay. Instead of standard run-and-gun pattern, it allows players to performance various Parkour-styled actions to kill and rewards heftily for the special combos. Run on and leap over walls, kick weapons from the hands of opponents, smash through obstacles, slide under buses or backwards, etc. – give full play to your creativity and make killing an art for high score.

  • Weapons:

Along with the exciting agility movement system, the game designs a large arsenal of weapons. There are standard firearms like shotguns and pistols, classic melee favorites such as swords and katana, and impromptu environmental objects like broken bottles and bowling balls. Based on characters’ size, carrying capacity and slots, players have the option of dual wield. Besides the equipped weapons, there are also weapons and power-ups strategically placed in each map as potential back-up or boosters for players.

  • Modes:

A server-side instanced game, the game provides 9 different modes for players to join and fight in the overall 10 maps. There will be the traditional like Deathmatch and Story and the special such as Action Hero where players can morph into a super-powerful action movie hero by scoring kills.

  • Community:

The game features the traditional community hub, in which players can get together and attach servers to it. Through the hub players will be able to set their own server properties, flag various different servers, and customize each server with additional settings. Uniquely, there will be a full modding system that allows players to create their own characters, stats, maps, modes, community etc. and share with others.

Unlike Reloaded, APB: Vendetta is a pay-to-play product that requires $25 for the client with optional monthly server rentals for on-demand managed and modded servers. Then, players can jump into fray for free forever after. Vendetta will initially be released on PC with a planned PS4 version in future.