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Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends
  • Release Date: August, 2012
  • Publisher: Spacetime Studios
  • Developer: Spacetime Studios
  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Official Site

Arcane Legends is the latest entry of Spacetime Studios’ Legends franchise that’s already hade fantasy Pocket Legends, sci-fi Star Legends and honor Dark Legends. And this new button-smashing RPG returns to fantasy, taking players into a story-driven adventure full of action.

Arcane Legends  Screenshot

Arcane Legends starts with a story that a wicked wizard find a way to open dark portals which brings in goblins, orcs and other bad creatures to ravage the land. The first chapter of story and gameplay will see players embark on the adventure at hometown as Worriors, Rogues or Sorcerers, driving away the bad and exploring outside to find and fight the wizard.

Alongside the funny story comes the furious hack-n-slash in both cooperative campaigns and competitive PvP. Each class has a specific set of skills unlockable, as characters are leveled up. Party members are able to combine their abilities together to unleash destructive combos, while single players can also charge a Rage Meter during battle to activate special attacks, powerful and unique to each class, to deal severe damage on enemies. Waste no time to deliver multiple quick attacks continuously or take the time to charge up for limited yet critical strikes – each player can have his/her own style and tactics. Due to the polished combat system, players can surely expect fast, intense, tactical gameplay.

Arcane Legends is built based on Spacetime Studios’ experience on the previous titles. It shows improved graphics and animation, boosts AI and thusly dynamic combat, and adds more open environments (also destructible) to the game. Correspondingly, higher system spec.

Arcane Legends will be launched at cross-platform including iOS, Android and Chrome in the upcoming August. For free.

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