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Arcane Saga

Arcane Saga
  • Release Date: May 8th, 2013 (CBT)
  • Publisher: Netmarble
  • Developer: CJIG
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Official Site

Prius Online, a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that was shut down more than a year ago, is reborn and revived under a new name Arcane Saga with all new contents for adventurers and warriors in NA, SA and EU.

Set in the cursed planet Prius by its creator, Rashard the King of all Gods, Arcane Saga is now waiting for a foretold hero, the Xenor, to free it from Rashard’s iron fist. Players will jump into the fray from here, accepting challenges, growing into the strongest and finally becoming the savior.

Arcane Saga

In the game players can acquire numerous jobs, each focusing on one special role such as dealing damage, healing, tanking and PvP combat. By probing into the various professions, players can learn and master a variety of unique skills and cultivate one-of-a-kind character with high degree of freedom. With the wide arrange of skills learned from jobs, players can create ruthless combos with proper timing to take the best out of the fast-paced, fun combat. Besides the endless jobs, players will finally face with the fierce competition against other real-players in the PvP arena and castle siege events, for only one hero can be the Xenor to free Prius from the curse.

Arcane Saga will be downloadable on Netmarble, the global online gaming portal that hosts many MMO games including District 187 and Uncharted Waters Online. The game scheduled to enter Closed Beta Test in May. Players can register for the chance to be the first testers now.

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