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Archlord II Online

Archlord II Online
  • Release Date: Feb. 2013 (CBT in Korea)
  • Publisher: Webzen
  • Developer:
  • Genre: MMO
  • Official Site

Archlord II (SK) is an upcoming MMORPG heavily focused on hardcore PvP combat. It depicts the conflict between two warring factions, the Union of Dark and the Union of Light, fighters can choose to join and make contribution.

Archlord II

Archlord II is all about large-scale battles and siege wars between the two rival factions in the core. Each faction offers three races, with Humans, Dragonsion and Dine for the Light and Orcs, Moon Elf and Argon for the other. Noticeably, the game doesn’t provide the usual character creation system but allows players to make hybrid avatars with a high degree of freedom, due to its special weapon system.

Players can learn to use and master a rich variety of weapons, and be able to freely switch them in-between in the midst of a battle. Instead of a preset class, players can create a character of its own style or mix up several play style using the weapon mastery system. Players need to take quests in the game in order to win different weapon mastery scrolls which are used to gain experience for the corresponding weapons like sword, wand and crossbow. Intentionally distribute status points, level up different weapon mastery, and you will get the desired fighter.

Archlord II Online features a dark in-game world with a gloomy atmosphere and bloody graphics. It’s rated as 18+ in Korea and has been in the phase of closed beta.

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  1. Ascendo says:

    when will this come out in USA?



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