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Armies of Magic

Armies of Magic
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Playdom
  • Developer: Playdom
  • Genre: Strategy
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Armies of Magic is a new real-time strategy game which is in Closed Beta Testing now on Facebook. And this title is from Disney-owned developer Playdom, most-known for its three Hidden Object Games listed as Garden of Time, Blackwood & Bell Mysteries and the newly unveiled Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers.

Armies of Magic

All takes place in a fantasy world where three races have been living with happiness and in peace until a rising evil Goblin horde comes as menace to the land. And players need to choose one of three races, build a powerful kingdom and lead Humans, Elves or Dwarves into war against the evil force.

Being a strategy title, it provides the usual city-building, units training and strategic deployment. Players in it need to construct various building types categorized into Culture, Residential, Goods, Military, Spell and Shrine. As the city grows, players will increase its population, produce contracts/goods, train units, create magic spells, research new tech to produce better types of buildings, units and spells, and defeat enemies in battlefields with well-trained units and spells.

Guild, unlocked at Lv.10, is there as well, allowing players to fight together with friends. It’s to confirm yet whether players can ally with whoever play the game or have to invite Facebook friends. Hope it’s not the latter. Yet, it’s certain that the Friend-Invite quests take their usual role. For those who haven’t friends inside the game, you will be taxed. For instance, to upgrade buildings, players also need specific materials to complete, which can be requested from allies or bought for gold in shop; and players need invite friends to staff a Shrine (of War, Health or Speed), a special building which confers great advantages to army in battle; otherwise, players have to use gold (in-game premium currency) to staff a slot.

So far, much info about Armies of Magic remains covered. Based on what’s known, it’s built on those familiar strategy mainstays. Whether or how it can make its own identity remains to see. Look forward to the release.

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