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Army Rage

Army Rage
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Yacuba Games
  • Developer: Yacuba Games
  • Genre: MMOFPS
  • Official Site

Army Rage, another WWII-based MMOFPS that centers on the crossfire between Allies and Axis. Four soldier classes, five gaming modes, a large arsenal and accessible vehicles support the basic gameplay. Combat is team-based, and a single battleground can accommodate up to 24 players, 4 members per team. Weapons are specific for each class, but can’t be customized; vehicles refer to the medium and heavy tanks, a double-edged sword in war. Four distinct classes can be switched between during re-spawns; and they are:

Assault – basic infantry type equipped with assault rifles and grenades, an moderate yet all-around in various battlegrounds

Scout – sniper class armed with sniper rifle to cover teammates in distance, also able to equip radio to call in help and the exclusive land-mines

Support – the most versatile and heaviest type, slow but with high health, the only unit equipped with flamethrowers, anti-tank rifles and exclusive medic-kits and ammo-kits

Engineer – low health yet high speed, able to equip submachine guns and rocket-launchers to take on both tanks and infantry units, capable of building heavy machine guns and metal shields, can repair vehicles.

Game modes are listed:

Team Deathmatch – shoot as many rival players as you can to achieve the team goal

Rush – Allies and Axis detonate or, respectively, defend key points in several rounds

Domain Control – two sides fight to capture and defend their flags

King of the Hill – variation of DC where players capture different flags in a preset order

Team Deathmatch (special) – variation of TD that sets limitation on weapon types.

Army Rage has entered closed beta test since last December. If interested, players can still register and play for free. Release date is to be confirmed.

Army Rage Screenshots:

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3 Comments on Army Rage


  1. reaply says:

    Really a great game!

  2. Wolfy says:

    Its Awesome 😀

  3. SToMP3R says:

    I like this game very much =)



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