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Artifact: Red X

Artifact: Red X
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Tier2Games
  • Developer: Tier2Games
  • Genre: Strategy
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Artifact: Red X is a new multiplayer strategy online game that combines real-time empire building with turn-based squad tactical combat. Set in the vast galaxy, the game centers on the feud between humans and aliens and escalated confrontation by the discovery of the ancient artifact, Red X, which can cause all organic life into mutate known as Freeform Evolution. Over the powerful rare energy, planetary conquest starts in full scale.

Artifact: Red X

Players in the game will be leaders of one of the ten factions bent on taking over the universe and craving for the potential power of the artifact. To achieve the goal of domination, the player will invade an alien planet he/she chose, establish a base of operations, construct mining outposts to extract found resources, build supply ships to transport the precious cargo back to base, send out recons to know other parts of the territory, abduct aliens for research, operate terror campaigns on alien cities, play politics to win over more allies, and even infiltrate the local government to turn on their own people. As the ambitious “bad guy”, players will resort to any means to achieve their goal.

The game adopts the traditional board game mechanics to render the real-time empire-builder feature, which presents a tile-split land with resources and terrain attributes hidden behind each that will either help or hinder the player’s progress. When it comes to combat missions – there will be many battles to fight from initiative attack to unexpected defense against local aliens – the isometric battlescape shows up capable of supporting up to 36 ground units and combat goes turn-based.

Exploitation of the territory drives on the gameplay. Resources that are extracted, processed and transported to base can be converted to cash, the funding for operations from purchase to recruitment to manufacture. From cash comes the rich customization, which allows players to personalize each soldier’s load-out, weapon, armor pieces and items. That’s also where the strategy comes from, as players hand pick soldiers based on their special abilities and skills to the squads, upgrade gears for them to enhance their performance, and even individually decide enlists in promotion. Besides, the titular Red-X element has its important role to play here – watch its magical radiation to intrigue evolution, power new technologies with it for unexpected new possibilities, and see squad units to evolve and physically mutate with new abilities unlocked.

Artifact: Red X is being developed by Tier2Games currently, with release date unconfirmed yet.

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