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ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds is a new fantasy MMORPG inspired by the oriental folklore and mythology. It tells the story of epic war fought by Artia-led Nirvana warriors against gods in heaven.


The game provides a series of different character archetypes to cater to the varied needs of players. Players in it can create their unique characters with the many choices of combination of race and class. Needless to say, each character has its own set of skills and abilities, which decides the corresponding attacking style.

ASTA is fairly conventional when it comes to the game structure and mechanics. From the click’n’point combat to the grinding level-up, from the varied quest types to the invariably killing-collecting oriented missions, the core of ASTA plays with little difference from many MMOs, and so fails to provide most gamers with some freshness and innovation. If you look for something new, it is doubtlessly the unique design of in-game monsters and the artwork on the whole. The unique graphics is a plus to the game but far from enough to make the game innovative.

ASTA has just passed its first CBT. Hopefully, new game features can be added to make the game worth recommendation. Currently, it is only open to South Korea, with no English version announced yet.