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Astro Garden

Astro Garden
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Publisher: 6waves
  • Developer: 6waves
  • Genre: Social, Farm Simulation
  • Official Site

Since Farmville has blazed the path, plenty of games have follow suits to present the similar gameplay with a few or few tweaks. Besides, many other games though don’t solely focus on farming yet add it as part of the gameplay. So will you still be interested in checking out a new farming simulation game when it hits Facebook? Here we mean Astro Garden.

As you step into the game, you see a well-built farm with crops, animals and buildings. And big arrows indicate you just to click chopping down trees and harvesting eggplants. So don’t need to start from scratch? Just as you wonder, a storm hits and rendered the place into rubble. This is when you really start.

Chop down trees for wood, drive away wild animals, clear rocks for stone, repair the damaged buildings or add new structures with collected materials, feed fouls to mature and then sell, plant strawberries and wait to harvest. Yes, you return to the same-old activities. Yet, somehow, it weaves all these familiar elements into a Retrieving-lost-memories story – to be specific, you finish quests to fill the bar of Lost-memories (more like a process to restore your lost farm).

Astro Garden plays like a mixed Ravenwood Fair and Farmville plus a science-setting. You clear trees and rocks for materials and space to expand the farm; you conduct all chores related to farming; and you still do researches on animals and plants in the lab to generate the hybrid species for higher profits. Since the game calls out asking you to “Earn your place among Da Vinci, Newton, and Einstein”, you know the experiment thing will play a big role. In the lab, you will do various crazy researches by combining all kinds of materials together. Your first experiment, for instance, is to combine strawberries and armor and phosphorus to make strawberry volcano seeds. As you move on, you will receive more research quests. Besides the mutated profitable species, you will also make lots of items that are needed to complete higher level structures or advanced items. And all these researches act as necessary steps to go in your way to make the Elixir for eternal youth.

All activities cost energy. Comparatively, energy sets less limitation on the continuous gameplay, for you often receive Energy as rewards. Moreover, although you start with a full bar of 25 point energy, you can even accumulate more, say 35 points, than the maximum during gameplay.

If Farmville is compared to the normal, standard species, Astro Garden is just like the in-game mutated hybrid which retains the general features and only shows up more colorful and interesting at the first glance. Astro Garden is polished in artworks and hybrid to mix something else into the farming mechanics. Yet at the core it’s just another farm simulator. So fans of this genre may want to check out the futuristic farm and others can just pass by.

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  1. pelletier says:

    bonjour, depuis quelques jours impossible d'ouvrir astro garden page blanche pouvez vous m'aider merci



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