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Avatar Star

Avatar Star
  • Release Date: May 7th, 2013 (OB)
  • Publisher: Cherry Credits
  • Developer: Pearl Digital Entertainment
  • Genre: TPS
  • Official Site

Avatar Star is a new 3D Third-person Shooter MMO that features highly appealing anime-styled artwork and exciting head-to-head crossfire. Players in the game can pick up three different play styles, select from several classic gaming modes, and jump into fray immediately in the fast-paced, cartoony combat. With fierce battles in the core, as usual, the game is heavily oriented by its complicated customization system featuring a billion avatar possibilities.

Avatar Star

Key Features:

  • Classes: enter the role of a Gunner, Assassin or Guardian, each with its unique skill set, loadout and play style
  • Customization: collect a variety of avatar cards to shift between different images, and purchase the cosmetic items in the cash shop to further personalize your avatars
  • Enhancement: socket gems into Avatar Cards to boost your fighting abilities, and use crafting materials earned in matches to upgrade your weapons
  • Game Modes: claim your throne in King of the Hill, secure points for victory in Domination, or eliminate enemies in Team Deathmatch
  • Graphics: clear interface, shiny spoils, colorful backdrop and cute shooters combine to make an exciting yet light-hearted shooting experience
  • Business Model: completely free-to-play with micro-transaction support via in-game cash shop

Avatar Star is developed by the devs team lead by the former Tomb Raider series producer Tony Horton and published by Cherry Credits as an Open Beta version currently for Southeast Asia.

Avatar Star Screenshots:

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