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Bake Shop Drop

Bake Shop Drop
  • Release Date: Dec. 2012 (beta)
  • Publisher: Broken Bulk Studios
  • Developer: Broken Bulk Studios
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Official Site

Bake Shop Drop is a new casual puzzle game that is quite fit for the Christmas. Are your festival sweet enough? Apparently, Bake Shop Drop can make your holiday merrier with the yummy and adorable pastries. But you really need to keep the sweetness from overflowing.

Bake Shop Drop

Bake Shop Drop is about matching pastries like cookies, cupcakes and doughnuts. On the shelf styled board, several different pastries are placed randomly while one pastry falling off from the top every time. After every 4 drops, the pastries come up from the bottom. And your task is to stop them from reaching the top by making matches of the same type/color.

You need to make a match 3 at least to pop them away. You can not only make matches in straight lines but also diagonally. That makes the matching a little bit easier, but it’s still challenging since it’s only a 7-floor shelf. As usual, if you can make great matches you activate special treat. Matching 4 in a line gives you a super sweet, the whipped cream bomb that takes out a big area; matching 6 earns a Star Pastry that takes out all of the same pastries on the board; and a Bake Shop Drop, i.e. 3 matches in a row from one drop, rewards a special Score Bonus that doubles the points you win.

The pastries newly coming up from the bottom are packed in boxes. You can “open” them by eliminating those above first. Amongst, you can find some Gold Boxes at times, from which you can get Golden Tickets if you make the match. Golden Tickets are mainly used to buy the three different helps. You need to arrive at certain level to unlock the boost. First, you get the Wildcard which allows you to choose the pastry you need most; then, you activate the Bear Claw that can eat the whole column of pastries and so save the time when one of your cakes is red-faced (at the top floor of the shelf); and last, you get the Cinnamon Roll that takes out the whole bottom row.

There is the 5-life system as in most other games. But Bake Shop Drop is quite generous for free players – it gives you a full refill of lives every time you get level-up. So, you can play the game continuously for a long time without forced pause. And the game is basically for single players. While it incorporates the leaderboard and weekly tournaments for social interaction, it doesn’t push you or bother you with any invite-friend pop-ups. If you want to invite friends for competition, you can do that at will.

With the animated pastries and festival atmosphere, Bake Shop Drop is still the old game in the core, but sweeter.

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