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Bands is a music-themed casual game with strong managerial simulation recently launched of beta on Facebook.

In the game players start their own band, without much customization typical in RPGs, and travel the world to play gigs at various venues. With endless performance, the band will gain more fans and thusly unlock better venues. From unknown to famous, the band will host a great variety of shows and ascend shinier stages like Olympus from the initial small gym.


Before a gig, players can choose a song from the long list of popular music and enter a venue to play shows. Once the music on, various audience – the ordinary youngster, the impatient yet passionate girls, etc. – will come in two-and-three wave after wave. Players need to use the several “techniques” to make them come in close to the stage and keep them there to feel the vibe and become hyped. Irrelevant to music, the use of several Techniques is more of a time management. Each technique creates its own shape to take effect – the Bass is a circle; the Guitar is an arc; and the Drum is a straight line. And each technique has its cool-down time, in seconds. So the key point is to coordinate the three techniques and manage to keep as many audience interested in front as possible. The hyped audience in the front line will generate Hearts from time to time, which can be collected to fill in a Rock-Out meter. Once full, the show will turn into a special effect, helpful to attract more audience.

After each gig, players fill a meter of that venue and gain one more fan and some cashes. With the earned cash, players can purchase various items that can be used in the following performances for boosted atmosphere. And then another show starts with picking up a new song again. And it’s quite a great chance to discover new artists and enjoy music of different genre. And players can even upload their own songs to the in-game chart.

Except endless shows, there is not anything else in the game that players can experience. Based on the lack of diversity and many in-game features labeled “coming soon”, it seems Bands enters open beta a little earlier than it should be.