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Nekki, the creator of the blockbuster mobile and social games Vector and Shadow Fight, brings us another exciting and cool endless running game for iOS and Android, Banzai Surfer. Grab your surfboard and enjoy the thrill of wave surfing in this new title!

Banzai Surfer takes players into the sky blue sea where they can ride over tremendous waves, escaping from hungry sharks and searching for sunken treasure. The game features a variety of beautifully designed landscapes from Emirates to Easter Islands for players to venture and conquer. There players will show off their prowess over waves as they jump, dive, paddle and accelerate, teasing with the preying sharks and collecting coins and other treasure under water. Along the way, they can utilize many boosting items from friendly dolphin to scooters and to rockets to enhance their performance and unlock a bunch of items useful to turn the tide in emergency.

Banzai Surfer

Banzai Surfer is a wonderful blend of endless runner with surfing simulation. It provided a free-to-play yet ads-supported version and an alternative ads-free version for a price as low as 0.99 USD/0,89 EUR. Want a cool summer? Come surfing in Banzai Surfer!

Key Features:

  • A cool mix of endless running with surfing simulation
  • Jump and ride over tremendous waves to escape from hungry sharks
  • A variety of beautiful landscapes such as Emirates, Easter islands or Volcano
  • Simple and intuitive touch-screen control to pilot your surfer
  • Surf to unlock endless achievements and a series of power-ups, upgrades, surfboards, etc.
  • Collect coins and find sunken treasures
  • Free future updates to bring more contents including new locations, underwater treasures, boards and game modes like the planned multiplayer competition

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