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Bastards of Hell

Bastards of Hell
  • Release Date: April 2013 (relaunch)
  • Publisher: seal Media
  • Developer: seal Media
  • Genre: Sim&RPG
  • Official Site

Bastards of Hell is a free gang-themed business managerial simulation game accessible on the web browser. The game leads you, an outlaw biker, into the raw world of NY, where you start your under-the-table businesses in legal façade and move up to higher Respect in the world of outlaws.

Bastards of Hell is basically a text-and-image online game that blends the business management with RPG. It’s all about making money in the underworld as you conduct various activities that fit into the gangster story. You can take the time to expand your business – workshop, tattoo studio, drug kitchen, boxing stall, night club, etc. – until you run the whole district, earning cashes and attracting customers.

Bastards of Hell

You can also gain extra cashes from several other channels. You can sell your good stuff from drugs to arms you made in your district in the market, or blackmail those weaker and poorer for protection fee, or just raid an opponent on the map. Each action has a cool-down time; anyway, you want money but no attention. While arms sale is available for everyone, the latter two is more of a game suitable when you get a little stronger. While yearning for money, you should also keep an eye on your Raid barometer, which is rated in six colors to indicate your exposure danger, and at times bribe the cops to reduce the manhunt status.

To put your claims into power, you need to recruit reliable men. Hit the clubhouse and pick the muscle. There you can find hitters, debt collectors, lawyers, Sergeant at Arms, etc., each labeled with a price. The stronger a man, the higher it costs. Money well-spent will eventually bring back more of its kind. Meanwhile, you can unlock more contents and make moves conquering the other five cities on the map when you have enough Respect (mainly decided by your wealth).

What is an outlaw biker if he doesn’t have a bike? But your bike doesn’t come easily. It’s a good idea to have the opportunity of customizing your own bike, but it’s bad to dangle the expensive hope in front of free players. You need ten or so parts to make a bike, each with a few choices in color and shape. But each part costs a set number of Coins, the premium currency the game offers a small stipends far from enough to get you a quarter of a bike. Throw down some real cash or you can just be an outlaw biker without a bike.

Bastards of Hell has been out for a couple of years, but it’s ready to re-launch as a new, updated version in a few days. The challenge, fierce battles and outlaw gameplay are still maintained but under a new skin with rearranged interface and all new visuals of skylines and landmarks of the different cities (as displayed in the screenshot above).

Bastards of Hell is an crime-themed simulation RPG with some interesting features. It’s a game not about instant action but of enduring management of business with plan and tactics. It’s overall a slow-paced game that claims a few minutes of your leisure every day. Whether that will be changed due to the revised “flow of the game” remains to see a few days later.

Bastards of Hell Screenshots:

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6 Comments on Bastards of Hell


  1. buzz says:

    Bastards of Hell is one of the most rubbish browser games i have had the misfortune to play. Seal Media have created a cash cow that doesn't take any skill what so ever. You dodge the big player attacks and pick on the weak players day in day out with NO final goal at all, just empty your wallet trying to not get left behind. Most people dodge your attacks so you don't get any fights and it becomes clear Seal Media haven't put much thought into the game play, just the money making side of things. Also they have Seal Media employee's playing the game who are right at the top of the ladder so you have no chance of getting anywhere in the game, they will just try and squeeze all the money out of you they can.
    If you want a good browser game that actually takes skill and isnt full of stroppy children try Travian, its a great browser game and actually takes some skill and thought.

  2. KlausD says:

    i agree with buzz, no thought has gone into the game play and there is no end point to the game. The game is advertised as free but you will not get far unless you spend real money, and then you will never catch up with the big players so you will always be a target for the big boy bullys. Don't waste your time or any money playing this game, there are loads of free games on the internet that are far better than this. Seal Media are not one of the best FREE browser game developers if this is what they have to offer!

  3. john says:

    I agree Seal is a fucking loser organization if you want to call it that they suck donkey balls and most of the people on there have no lives and sit in front of their computers jacking off into dirty gym socks with no kind of imagination what so ever….

  4. John Renegade says:

    lmao john.. no seriously the game idea is a good one i like the idea of being a 1% biker without getting into real trouble 🙂 trouble is with the game it is very unfair, its a game of the big bully the weak. the rules are decided by the top money spenders and this makes the game very biased towards how they want it to be. If you join the forum you will also find the same bully boy tactics there. if you say anything they dont like you get shouted down or the biased moderators on the forum delete your posts.
    It is not a free game, yes you can play for free but you will soon find you are persuaded to part with your cash to lock this and that so it doesnt get nicked, you will find you only get attacked by players 500+ levels above you and if you dont spend money you have no chance. Seal Media really need to rethink the game play on this game, it has no goal other than to take your money.



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