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Batman: Arkham Origins is an awesome free-to-play Action RPG richly featured with high-octane combat, character building and story-driven missions. Set in Gotham city, the game sees Batman’s growth in battles as he single-handedly brings the wicked Black Mask and his troupe of assassins and thugs into justice.

Batman Arkham Origins

The game starts with a cinematic storytelling about the outrageous crimes committed in Gotham Uptown by Deathstroke, Deadshot, Copperhead and Bane, a bunch of ruthless assassins gathered by Black Mask for some bigger scheme. To put an end to that, Batman returns. Before you as Gotham’s Dark Knight set off on mission, you need some training to bounce back to the combat state. The game tutorial serves the very purpose: you flex your muscle to warm up, attacking, blocking and performing special skills. All is done with simple controls: tap once for basic attack, tap three closely to release a combo, hold two fingers to block and tap on different small buttons to use special skills, recharge HP or shift between assault and guarded stances.

Once ready, you can set off for a myriad of missions in the various locales of the city. The assassins and their thugs are never short of foul acts – raise a rumpus in the downtown, break into malls to steal all Christmas presents, make off with several ATMs for easy money, tear apart Uptown Gotham, on and on. Chasing their trail, you have to pin them down. While you defeat the underlings in many bat-symbol places, you will unlock Boss Missions in the final battle of that neighborhood, taking on one of the assassins in a tough battle.

Missions are graded in 5 difficulty levels marked by the Bat symbol. You will start with the 2-Bat missions facing off 3 to 6 thugs that can be finished off easily as cannon fodder. From these non-challenging battles, you win to unlock new skills, gain Exp for character upgrading and accumulate coins used to level up the various unlocked skills and purchasing cooler batman suits. In the game you have more than 200 different abilities of three types to unlock and upgrade. You will have dozens of them for Assault Stance, Guarded Stance and Skill each that offers different strength to Batman’s defense, health, attack and skill damage, speed, buff and debuff, etc..

Enemies in every mission are not merely punch bag; instead, they are well armed with weapons and fight back when hit by Batman. They use a variety of weapon: poison, club, knife, gun, fire and so on that cause varying damage to weaken Batman temporarily or fatally. While it is always primary to upgrade Batman in its various traits and battle strategically, getting better suit is another way to become stronger.

In Batman: Arkham Origins you will start off with a basic suit with no advantage but you can accumulate coins to get the better in the shop. Currently, there are 14 cool suits (more planned), power tier 1 to 4, which can be unlocked with progression to enhance Batman’s basic traits and offer a wide range of bonuses from reducing one, multiple or even all types of damage including stun, poison, ballistic, bleed, fire, electricity, critical hits and basic attacks to boosting health recovery. But they are quite expensive; the higher the power tier, the higher the price.

Initial battles in the game only take some punch to finish. But when you unlock quite a few abilities and confront ever challenging enemies and especially bosses, you will get the satisfactory action of punching, kicking and stunt-like moves. As you unleash the power of combo, you can get one or several arrows – slide the right direction, you deal extra damage. Similarly, skills once triggered generate arrows that can be enhanced by simply sliding creating a special slow-motion effect.

Batman: Arkham Origins is free-to-play with all contents accessible without spending a dime. There is the optional in-app purchase by the means of premium currency. The premium currency can be used to upgrade skills, purchase suits, recover health, recharge stamina (needed to go on missions), and buy various Boosts like armor and extra exp gain. Still, there are some exclusive items you can’t get even by spending real cash but need to show your loyalty and love to WB Games. Invite friends to play, log in to with WBID and connect the mobile game to the console version – those are keys to exclusive suits and items.

Batman: Arkham Origins is an addictive brawler with fair RPG elements. With its high quality graphics, engaging action and tons of abilities as well as cool batman suits, it wins a recommendation.

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