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Battle Command! is a new epic strategy combat game from the productive mobile game developer Spacetime Studios that created hit apps like Arcane Legends, Pocket Legends, Dark Legends and more. In their newest title, you will experience a full package of sensational battles, deep strategy and gorgeous visual and audio effects.

Battle Command

Base building, strategic battles and allies’ mutual help are the three pillars of Battle Command!. You as the commander will build a base of operations with a great array of buildings and a series of defensive structures more diversified than you expect. Resource management is the basis. Furthermore, you will gradually unlock more than 20 different unit types that cover the infantry, war machines and aircrafts to build powerful troops.

There will be a fair part of construction and the common Crystal-led shortcut of “Instant Completion”. Once you set up a strong defensive line with the gun turrets, mortars, missiles and so on, you can send your well-trained soldiers and powerful war machines – not only tanks but also jeeps and assault bikes – to conquer the enemies. While leveling up high enough, the battle can be more epic with some airstrike raining some bombs and bullets down from the air.

You will need friends and allies in the game for some easily-gained benefits. Allies will not only coordinate with one another in battlefield but for the first time will also boost each other’s resource production.

As usual, you can battle your way through the adventurous campaign horning skills and learning better about defensive construction. And you can always send your troops to take down the high defensive walls and turrets breaking into based of other commanders out there.

With its diverse battle units and designs, deep strategies and awesome artworks, Battle Command! is simple epic and worth download. Not to mention, it is completely free-to-play.