Battle Dawn: Galaxies

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Battle Dawn: Galaxies is a free-to-player browser-based multiplayer tactical one game set in the vast galaxy. It features all the established concepts of a strategy title from base construction to tactical warfare, but presents them with an all new design in army units, structures, etc. true to the space war theme.

Battle Dawn

In the game, players take on the role of commanders, who establish a space station and expand their power conquering the space. Build structures, manage four kinds of resources, expand the border, build the three types of ships (fighters, frigates and cruisers) and assembly a great armada, conquer unclaimed area for extra resources, set up outposts and colonies, join an alliance, and wage war against thousands of other real-players in the galaxy. Uniquely, the game designs with five different servers based on a special Tick system, which allow gamers to play at their own tempo.

Commander, welcome aboard.