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Battle Panic is an addictive and fresh tower-defense action game that adds a nice twist to the genre. Set in a Humans vs. Orcs fantasy background, the game challenges your ability of tactics in fast and fierce defensive battles against harassing orc hordes.

Battle Panic casts you into the role of a commander and tasks you with the mission of driving the insolent orcs out of the land. From the first outpost of Windmoor you will fight tough battles, push your defensive line to the further reach of the maps, and persevere to defeat the toughest orc Bosses for the ultimate victory. To reach that goal, you need to start with collecting wood and mining gold.

Battle Panic

Every battle takes place in your outpost. In every battle, you have one townhall to upgrade and defend, two resources (wood and gold) to collect and manage, three buildings to construct and three respective army units (footmen, archers and horsemen) to train, and multiple waves of orcs to fight. The battle pace is set by a glass of sand – with every upside down it signals the start of orc attack or the break for you to continuously replenish your resources or garrison of troops for next wave of threat.

Collect, build, train, attack, heal and upgrade – all actions in the game take only one operation: Tap. You just tap once to execute each command, which lets you focus all energy in strategic planning in real time. Challenge comes from maintaining a balance between the several moves, for you can only do one thing at a time. When do you collect resources, upgrade the defense and add more soldiers to the battlefield? And which is the most effective: outnumber the enemy, summon a hybrid force or stick with one particular unit with healing support? With diversifying options, you can try out different strategies to have different experience in the same outpost.

Battle Panic provides 12 distinct maps with varying terrains, orc species and resource design. As you set up more and more outposts through these maps, you will encounter increasingly tough enemy hordes that not only grow in number but also become more diversified in species. The basic minion orc, the ranged spear-orc, the blasted orcs, the large orcs with shields, the red meaner southern orcs and the giant Bosses, etc. will all come ravaging the land and need to be eliminated with the right troops and strategic plans.

Besides, the varied design of each outpost offers another layer of fun. You don’t always start with zero resources. Instead, the different story episode leads you into specific settings that not only introduce new orc types but also special battle situation and goal. In some battles, you may have unbalanced resources caused by the Mega Mine where gold mines itself super-fast or limited trees to cut; while in other battles you may start with fixed and limited resources trying to make it until the large supplies arrive. The setting enriches the strategy and creates greater fun and challenge.

By safeguarding outpost successfully you win skill points that can be assigned to 7 categories revolving resources, buildings, army units and attack damage. The upgrades adopt a star-rating system. With every point assigned to light a star, a specific skill are enhanced to bring better bonuses such as faster building, shaper sword with increased damage, effective training with less resources and rapider resource collecting. For players with different battle style, the point assignment is also an important factor that will influence the outcome of a battle.

Although it has a limited number of maps, Battle Panic increases the value of replayability with three difficulty levels for each battle and the special Free Play of Boss Battle. It is beautifully drawn with a colorful palette and very addicting with the fast and strategic tower defense combat. It is an enjoyable time-killer with hours of fun completely for free.

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