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Battlemons is a casual, fun browser game about pet training, breeding and battles. In the newly discovered jungle planet lives hordes of cute yet ferocious creatures named the Battlemons, which can be tamed and trained into great fighters.


In the beginning there was an egg. With it you will start the adventure as a master and trainer of Battlemons. Get your first fighter hatched from the egg, raise it from baby to grown-up, and train it for combat, and send your little warrior into arena for some real fights. Furry, Fireclaw, Thorntail or King Dragon – you will gradually get more species and need to know their strength to emerge victorious in battles gaining coins and fame.

Battlemons can never be lonely. You can take your first pet into adventure exploring the huge planet in search of its many Battlemon eggs and useful artifacts. Meanwhile, you can also breed new ones with two of the same kind, and even trade the offspring on the market.

The gameplay in Battlemons in clearly structured with its many buildings of particular function. You play with your Battlemons and care for them in Stable, train them with different tools in the Training Hall, take them out for some adventure in Wilderness and toughen them up in Arena.

More than mindless point-and-click, you will find the game with its many little creatures grow into you. You take care of the little creatures as if you are taking care of your real pets: they don’t always respond to your order, but have their own mood influenced by their sleep, fullness and energy. Overall, the emotional touch in the game makes it attractive.

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