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  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: ATLUS Online
  • Developer: ATLUS Online
  • Genre: Space Strategy
  • Official Site

BattleSpace, a new sci-fi strategy space title, has been entered closed beta by ATLUS Online, the same developers that just launched Pandora Saga: Weapons of Balance days ago on Steam. BattleSpace, as the title suggests, features an immersive starscape where players take up the role of an admiral ambitious to conquer the universe.

In it, players as mastermind will build tech-powered cities in the space, develop its battleships, join a Union and take over the Giant Planet to finally dominate the cosmo. Operated in seasons, the game will acknowledge and reward one final winner Union that earns the highest union score.

Gameplay is conformed to the standard strategy formular. Players need to manage resources of four types (gas, energy, metal and funds) needed to construct facilities and ships and conduct researches, build facilities to complete various functions in the colony, build and pilot ships of three sizes to finish missions, expand from the home planet to another settlement, conquer resource asteroids, take control of Giant Planets to gain Reign Score, and also invade enemy’s terrene (home planet) to plunder.

Manage domestic affairs, establish diplomatic relations, and play heavyweight in the interstellar war. That’s BattleSpace.

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