Black Desert to Be Launched in 2013 in Korea

TIME : 12th Nov 2012 MonAUTHOR : Eleanor

At the G-Star 2012 convention, Pearl Abyss has signaled the message of launching time for their highly-anticipated fantasy, sandbox MMORPG Black Desert with exciting features in a short interview. According to the report, Pearl Abyss plans to take the game into Open Beta Testing in Korea in August of September of next year, with the Closed Beta scheduled during the first half of 2013.

Black Desert

Black Desert has intrigued wide interests among players with its exciting features such as player housing, mounted combat and Parkour system. Newly revealed, a single quest of killing-rats-by-leading-them-with-a-flute-to-sea seems to have increased players’ anticipation on its questing system. And it will have a seamless world as large as vanilla of WoW with instanced dungeons accessible.