Black Talons

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Black Talons is a new sci-fi real-time Strategy game from Camel 101. The game is set in the same universe with Gemini Wars, another RTS title released by the same creator a year ago. And it revolves around galactic conflict and combat as mercenary commanders trying to prevail in a ravaged star system.

Black Talons

Black Talons features high and rich customization from units to squads and to battle-cruiser. Players in the game can customize their own cruiser, the base of operation, as they add or adjust weapons or infrastructures that will serve their own role and enhance the performance in specific ways. There will be a variety of unit classes, each with its own unique and upgradeable skill tree and playing its specialized role – Recon, Tactical, Assault, Support or Engineer. And each unit class also can be equipped with special set of weapons and equipment salvaged or purchased in the game.

Uniquely, players will form relations with a number of neutral minor Factions in the game by taking on different factional missions for contract work. The result of a mission – for or against a faction – will influence the relation with that faction; and the status quo of the relation – good or bad – will in turn casts effects on the gameplay: favorable relations may allow players to gain unique units of a certain faction, while bad relations may incur a random combat against players during missions.

Moreover, the game also features a deep campaign mode that allows players to greatly influence the balance of power on the system. And there are five distinct worlds, each with different environments and weather conditions that will directly affect a battle.

Black Talons is still in development for PC currently.