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Blackwood & Bell Mysteries

Blackwood & Bell Mysteries
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Publisher: Playdom
  • Developer: Playdom
  • Genre: HOG
  • Official Site

Blackwood & Bell Mysteries is the latest and second Hidden Object Game from Disney Playdom on Facebook. Playdom is inarguably accredited as a pioneer that blazes a new path for the very genre with its Gardens of Time in 2011, which sets a basic template and style for the following works such as Hidden Chronicles, World Mysteries and Hidden Haunts. Now that Playdom launches Blackwood & Bell Mysteries, is this second production an innovator or just another follower?

Indicated in the title, the game features James Blackwood and Catherine Bell, two detectives who solve criminal cases worldwide back in the Victorian times. So a darker theme is adopted here, and will thread all the scenes to tell a good story. Players need to finish scenes and piece the collected clues together to solve the cases. Being a HOG, the game presents similar gameplay to its predecessor in the overall formula, yet gives fuller play to the storyline which is expected to set it apart.

If you love hidden object game spiced by a good story, you would not want to pass Blackwood & Bell Mysteries without a try.

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9 Comments on Blackwood & Bell Mysteries


  1. Deb Santos says:

    I think I am about to fall in LOVE!!!! lol

  2. quoirin nadine says:

    peut-on avoir ce jeu en francais mercci comment faire ???

  3. borgeais isabelle says:

    ça serais bien de l'avoir en français ,on est en france et tout le monde parle pas anglais

  4. Cheryel Ware says:

    It is a great game. I just wish they would give us more chapters. So far, we only have 6 chapters. They have teased us with 4 more Marvels which I hope indicates progress.

  5. Tallulah Wood says:

    I really like this game, and I like it so much better than the other hidden objects game. However, I have been having multiple issues with the game freezing up, not crediting me for decorations and other things I purchase with sliver earned from playing, and using the gold that I was saving for something specific. How can I get these issues resolved to my satisfaction?

  6. Guest says:

    What is the music that plays on the game?

  7. azzuria250 says:

    Great game

    add me azuria250




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