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Blade Hunter

Blade Hunter
  • Release Date: Dec. 2013 (Alpha)
  • Publisher: R2Games
  • Developer: R2Games
  • Genre: Action
  • Official Site

Blade Hunter is a beat ’em up browser MMORPG in the tradition of arcade classics. Players choose one of three powerful classes – Valkyrie, Knight, and Rogue – and set off on a side-scrolling journey to unlock legendary combat techniques and stop the world from plunging into all-out war.

Blade Hunter

Background Story:

Long ago, two swords were forged.

One good, one evil.

The first inspired bravery and loyalty; the second, jealousy and hatred.

A great war erupted. In its final moments, the Holy Blade, Excalibur, shattered into seven fragments as its evil twin was sealed away. Seven warriors from across the world took up those fragments, taking a solemn oath to fight the power of the dark blade whenever and wherever it reappeared. The dark blade, its power only temporarily sealed, found its own champion: a vile conqueror called Blade Demon.

Throughout history, the champions of the 7 Holy Blades have fought Blade Demon and his followers. But a century of peace has seen the Guardians’ prophecies fall into legend, and a new generation of fighters trains to fight an enemy they’ve never seen.

That’s where you come in.


Unlike many browser MMORPGs, Blade Hunter offers players direct (and remappable) keyboard control of their characters. A wide array of moves – from basic melee strikes, to brutal uppercuts, to devastating Bladesoul summons – can be freely strung together into multi-hit combos. It won’t be easy, though! A huge bestiary of enemies inspired by myth and legend will try their best to prevent the Blade Hunters from succeeding in their quest. The largest enemies of all – fire-breathing dragons, gargantuan golems, and screen-spanning sea monsters – will challenge new fans, beat ’em up enthusiasts, and MMORPG veterans alike!

Yet players won’t have to face these challenges alone. Characters can form pickup groups, longer-term parties, and guilds to show their heroic spirit. Robust item synthesis, gem socketing, and enchantment systems let Blade Hunters assemble the perfect set of gear. And all players, even those dedicated to the solo experience, can benefit from the combat support of NPC sidekicks!

Key Features:

  • An exciting beat ’em up action MMORPG in your web browser!
  • Three unique classes bring the pain with hard-hitting special moves
  • Crazy combos – launch your enemies into the air and keep them there
  • Screen-spanning bosses put your action skills to the test
  • Adventure solo or bring friends along for the ride
  • Grab weapons and mounts from the environment to deal extra damage
  • Craft legendary swords to unlock powerful Bladesoul summons
  • Track your performance with level ratings – earn an SSS rating for top rewards!
  • Duel in the Arena for fame and fortune, with more modes to come

Note: Blade Hunter is in the alpha and shortly after going into beta. Interested players can get special Promo Codes from MMOHunter in the Giveaway Page to claim free gold and gems in the game.

Blade Hunter Screenshots:

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