Bland Turnip: Missing Ingredients

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Bland Turnip: Missing Ingredients is a free and fun side-scrolling adventure game designed for iOS devices. It tells the story of Bland Turnip who overcomes difficulties in an attempt of finding all missing ingredients stolen by Crazy Du-Nut and sinister Mr. Cuddles. A game about a turnip, a donut and a cuddle? Yes. And you are Bland Turnip.

Bland Turnip: Missing Ingredients

In the game you will control Bland Turnip hopping up and down to recover all the missing ingredients while avoiding bad guys and environmental obstacles. It’s easy to pick up – just tap to jump and tap-and-hold to jump higher – but it increases difficulty as you progress to the higher level. Besides ingredients, you will also collect water drops to regain health and gather bonuses like winged boots and sandglasses to run faster or slow down time. On every play the course is randomly generated; and with the quirky story there shows up some unexpected mini-games too.

Bland Turnip is being developed by Squishie Square Games, comprised by a bunch of industry veterans that created some of the Game Room’s most popular arcade and iOS games. Bland Turnip is their inaugural title and is running a crowd-funding campaign at Kickstarter.