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Blek is an imaginative minimalist brain-teaser that displays how far a little imagination can go for some differently colored circles. Selected as the winner of the Content Award Vienna – Best Game 2013, Blek wins wide acclaim with its creatively inspiring puzzles and minimalist yet magical art concepts.


Blek provides 60 exciting puzzles at launch (more coming regularly) that lead players into varying yet invariably simulating challenges. The goal of each level is simple: players need to shape a line that collects all differently colored circles while avoiding the black holes on the route to pass a level. And for every puzzle there is more than one single solution. Instead, every level can be solved with extremely simple drawing with a little spark or exceptionally complicate style and thus become a unique experience mixed with personality, ingenuity and even mood for each player.

Blek is stylish and stimulating puzzle game packed with a single game mechanic and a spark of imagination. It is now available for iPad for $2.99 and coming to iPhone in January of 2014.

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Key Features:

  • An open-ended experience with a single mechanic and Bauhaus-informed design
  • 60 clever and elegant levels at launch with more coming in regular updates
  • Minimalist artwork with dynamic imagination moving like magic
  • Simple game goal with countless solutions