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Originally, it’s the eternal war among Gods who send out champions to fight for them in battlegrounds. The secret pack that gods would respect the free will of mortals was broken by God Ru, who has enslaved you to serve him for years as his champion who led armies into war. Finally, the moment came when you broke the chains by will and the Mt. Olympus with the gods fell to the Earth. They want to restore their immortality, but you, and only you, will end their tyranny. Complete the impossible mission and kill the gods in the Blood Realm, a collectible card game.


Diana, the goddess of hunt, is your first target, and Guru Ka, a fire slinger from the east, is your first champion. As the first battle begins, you embark on the journey of slaying immortals, with your deck of cards, of course.

To battle against Diana is in fact a tutorial. To finally challenge the God in certain Province, you need to firstly clear the champions the god or goddess sends out; and once you defeat the champions and the god, you can take over the province, assigning a governor and collecting resources like food and silver every 8 hours. In each battle, you send out one champion to lead your army (cards), and you goal is to use your deck to reduce the Health of the opponent’s leader card to zero to win.

Every card is designed with stats of Mana, Health and Strength – only when your champion card has enough Mana of a certain card can the given card be played to the board to deal damage in the amount same with the value of Strength. The champion will gain x points of Mana every turn and  one Blood as well that can be accumulated to activate the Champion’s special ability, such as dealing 3 damage to all enemies of Guru Ka with 6 Blood.

After setting your deck (24 cards) in the editor and equipping the Champion with items (if there are), you can start a match. In the beginning, with 5 cards in hand, you can cast a spell or summon an ally (if the champion has enough Mana to play that card) to one of the four slots where the played card will battle against enemy’s allies in front of him or deal damage to the rival Champion if there is not. And your champion card will always deal damage to the rival champion. After the attack of all your cards, it’s the opponent’s turn. In next turn, you will draw one more card; and if your hand is full, you need to choose to discard one card of all six cards in hand. Unlike most games, you don’t lose your card(s) that deals damage in your turn, even when it is weak than that of the opponent, and you don’t lose a battle when you run out of cards, but receives damage each time you normally draw a card. Battle ends when the champion of one side drops to zero.

Cards are grouped into six Spheres of magic, including Order (strengthening allies), Chaos (destructive yet risky), Nature (summoning creatures), Mythic (masters of Mana), Light (healing damage) and Shadow (weakening enemies). Each champion also belongs to one or two Spheres, which can lead the cards of his sphere type(s). With the coins earned from battles against Diana, you can buy another champion to move on to the next battle against Apollo, then Pluto and on. Certainly, you need more cards and more powerful ones to defeat stronger opponents.

Still in beta, BloodRealm only has the story-driven quests where you battle against NPC gods to conquer provinces currently. Yet, the player conflict is promised to come, which will allow players to raid others and seize other’s provinces for resources. Silver can be used to buy card packs and champions, while resources such as food, death lotus and Mana shard are required to challenge certain Gods. Besides, the feature of Forge, probably about crafting cards, is also shown to be coming soon.

BloodRealm features simple and quick card games. And to collect resources and defend the conquered land is a nice twist in the linear story. It’s easy to pick up, but increases the difficulty as your move on. If you are a veteran, you probably will defeat the list of Gods. But can you defend your conquered lands when the raider invades?

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