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Book of Heroes is a popular mobile MMO that has been out for a while and begun to pick up recently with in-game update as well as ads promotion. It is a casual light game in which you can find some of your favorite elements from several different genres.

Book of Heroes is a hybrid MMO with card-based combat, turn-based dungeon crawler, quest-driven progression and role-playing character development. Blending them together, the game is in fact a simple and straightforward experience. You start the adventure as a lowly cook who has to take arms against the evil force that ruins your peaceful village and finally work your way to become a legend. The in-game storyline sounds stale with its start, but will turn out to be stimulating later with its well-written plot and quest texts.

Book of Heroes

You can choose from three character classes including warrior-like Justicar, rogue-styled Shadow Walker and elemental War Mage, each with its special skill tree and self-explanatory play style. Once the class is settled, you can buy the specific equipment buddle to arm your fighter before you head to the heat of battles. Well, it’s actually not that heat. In-game battle is not that challenging on the whole in the fierceness or difficulty, though it’s another matter of fact when it comes to the quantity of monsters you need to take on in latter Might raid.

In-game battle is turn-based involving trading card battling elements. You can use different skills unlocked with level-up to take on AI monsters represented in cards. Usable abilities vary from attack to defense and to those with group-attacking effects. Moreover, there are also different potions that can be used for a specific purpose like restoring health or removing a negative effect. Each ability takes a set amount of time to charge, which allows you to try different battle tactics – use a quicker move to take the initiative of attacking or let enemies start hitting and then get the better of them by heavy blow. The variety of monsters is plentiful and is presented in vivid hand-drawn cards.

Book of Heroes starts well with its good story telling and casual yet fun combat until it reveals the grinding front, one of the most complained problem in the game. Quest description is great; but the quest variety is not. It seems all quests are in the catetory of kill x monsters. And with the level up, the x can be a real big number. Also you have to grind in the repetitive gameplay for enough coins that can purchase the level-equal gears if you don’t wish to spend a dime in the game.

The game monetizes via the premium currency which can be used on a variety of items in the shop. As in a typical social game, there is the Energy system. You consume certain energy points by entering a battle zone and you only start with a maximum 12 limit. The cap of the energy bar can be expanded, slowly by grinding or instantly by throwing down some real cash. Also, there are powerful special equipment, various potions and training shortcuts, etc..

If you are usually a lone wolf in a game, you can pursue your single-play adventure as well. But there is always another choice, that is, to join a guild and participate in some guild raids or other events. It’s quite convenient to do so, as the in-game chat box is not for real-time communication but also a channel where guild issue recruiting message and raids gathering.

Book of Heroes is overall a fun game albeit with its grinding defect. And it’s free-to-play.