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Botkin’s Hidden Cove

Botkin’s Hidden Cove
  • Release Date: June 1st, 2012
  • Publisher: Playdom
  • Developer: Playdom
  • Genre: City-building
  • Official Site

Ever played Gnome Town? Still remember the bunny called Botkin? Now, Botkin is taking you into his hidden cove in, of course, Botkin’s Hidden Cove, a new free town-building social game mixed with role-playing and hidden object mini games.

Botkins Hidden Cove

You start in a dark and desolate town that is terrorized by a witch doctor that captures Botkin’s juggle critter friends to sacrifice them for god’s power. Tasked with the rescue and rebuild mission, you begin the adventure, clicking on a building to explore while saving the first helper, a red panda. To make him feel safer, you need to improve the small patch of land by adding decorative buildings to increase the Town Score. And then you move on, expanding the town by using machete to unlock forest-covered land and saving more locked animals or discovering something useful. As you level up, you have more features to unlock, such as the hidden object games, the crops to plant, the animals to feed and various structures or machines to set up.

Botkin’s Hidden Cove plays just like the sequel of Gnome Town, or just like another Gnome Town with slight differences on the scratch. All the core gameplay is more or less the same: you need machete to explore outside, finding more trapped animals to rescue or certain required object to use; you need to collect materials to finish construction or repair, some of which can be gained either by asking friends or purchasing from shop with gold (the soft currency); and you will level up to get overall 24 helpers and unlock several other locations to explore.

You get various missions such as clearing debris, mining sliver, producing machete, reaching a certain goal in HOG and adding more structures, etc, most of which takes long time but can be finished immediately by gold or x amount of hamburgers gained mainly from growing crops. While it’s the carrot in the Gnome Town that requires large production to speed up other mission, it’s replaced by the strawberry in Botkin’s Hidden Cove, which plays exactly the same role. Similarly, everything in the Hidden Cove is a replicate of that in the Town from contents to interface and even to music.

If you enjoyed Gnome Town, you will find Botkin’s Hidden Cove is equally fun. But the great resemblance between the two will make you wonder why Playdom make a duplicate of its previous title instead of upgrading the old one or directing energy to something different.

Botkin’s Hidden Cove Screenshots:

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  1. lim says:

    speed up button is missing in this game!!!!!!!!!!



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