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Bottle Cap Blitz is a new casual one-minute action game from indie developer Big Pixel Studios behind titles like Little Diggers and Avengers. The game is set in a beautiful tropical island where an easy-going barman loves to show off his impressive bottle cap flicking skills. Players in the game will control this barman to smash as many ice cubes as possible in 60 seconds. And all they need to do is simply to tap to shoot.

With the child’s play styled control, players start with simple firing bottle caps and progress reaching higher levels and unlocking a variety of new features. Players can get combos and build combo chains, gain game boosts and a wide range of special fruit power-ups to enhance the ice smashing action. To smash a water melon can slow down time for a while, while to hit a strawberry can unleash rapid fires, for instance. Besides, players can also unlock different bottle caps to make a collection, and score high in matches to compete against other players worldwide.

Bottle Cap Blitz will be released on the App store on April 11th, 2013.

Bottle Cap Blitz