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Brave Tales is a fast-paced Adventure RPG focused on real-time combat and character development. The game is set in the world of Avallonis where heroes as the keeper of the realm start disappearing and innocent people and animals are harassed by the various villains. A capable hero is expected and you are the One.

You will lead a small squad of adventurers to fulfill the various missions in Brave Tales. In the group you have the frontline Warrior, the supportive Healer and the brave Archer, each responsible for different roles in a battle and cooperative with each other to achieve success. During battle you can freely drag any of the fighters to control their movement and attack and click to use their unlocked skills to fend off the multiple waves of enemies ranging from beasts to wicked Brownies and from ferocious trunks to transforming animalists.

Brave Tales

Brave Tales starts straightforwardly with battles where you learn all the basics about the combat. The game lacks a proper storyline to add something intriguing to the repetitive real-time battles. It does have a quest chain and offers brief description for each task but due to the lack of a main plot all those quests are sort-of impromptus, sending you to save a timid swamp org, a lady or a fox, protect travelers from the robbers, defeat the greedy Brownies that ruin the forests to make equipment and something alike. All these quests are part of the solo campaign where you will pass through nodes after nodes battling way forward in the zigzagging map. The map is currently containing 99 levels with increasingly difficulty resulted from ever stronger and new types of enemies.

All quests come down to a fierce, fast battle. The trio combination is your initial squad which can be expanded with new recruits you saved in the adventure. In standard battles you can select three fighters and make the best out of the combination. Since each fighter is quite distinct in their battle style and special abilities, it won’t be hard to plan out the basic formation and strategies. After the mellow start, battles grow to be more intriguing with tough and challenging rivals. That’s when you realize the tactical role of using Mana (consumed when using skills) and the importance of enhancing fighters with better equipment and mastery of more skills.

Brave Tales features about 20 different skills for all the heroes. Instead of the normal separated skill trees, it blurs the line and allows all heroes to upgrade in a hybrid style. All heroes can be leveled up in different traits such as Health, attack speed, armor, critical chance, evasion, poison, regeneration, accuracy, movement, reflection, trauma, heal sensitivity, etc., only that different heroes have their own preference like defense for warriors, regeneration for animalist and accuracy for archer to maintain their basic battle style.

Each hero is leveled up separately – when you take a hero into battle, he/she earns Exp for upgrading and then skill points to further improve one attribute. If you use a class more often, you can level it up more quickly and grow it stronger. In addition, you can offer a hero different abilities by assigning different equipment for him/her. Take the archer for instance. If you equip the archer with the Fierce Quiver, she launches poison arrows and if you change it to Green-leaf Quiver, she deals damage with Somnific arrows; similarly, the short bow releases volley of shots while the long bow shoots single snipe shot. By trying different equipment, you can adjust your battle strategy, too.

Emerging victory in battles rewards you with keys, supplies and different items. You need supplies to fight more battles, forge better equipment or disassemble items for runes used in encrustation. The key you win opens treasure chests that offer varying weapons like wade, trinkets, hamlet, shield, needle and mace. You will receive a lot of items but have limited slots in the inventory, so you need to constantly turn the unwanted low-level stuff into useful boost for your heroes. One way is to forge – use two items of the same type to make a better one; and the other is to disassemble – break the unnecessary objects into runes that can be encrusted to the equip with slots.

Besides main quests in the campaign you will also receive many random missions designated for a particular hero. In these missions you only send the required fighter or sometimes select one or two help hands as well to complete the tasks. In these solo quests you can always call upon reinforcement from Facebook friends, especially when you are obviously weaker than the opponents. And if you want, you can start a duel in the PvP battlefield to earn reputation and special rewards. But you’d better pick a fight when your Mana is fully charged; otherwise you will lose easily or have to spend real cash to purchase Mana for a chance of winning.

Brave Tales is a fun and fast RPG game full of adventures in the mysterious patch world. In the game you get rich role-playing with the deep character development, polished equipment system and unique skill attributes design and you experience progressively challenging battles against NPC enemies or real-player rivals. It would be great if it can add some storyline into the solo campaign. If what you are looking for is fast and challenging battle and rich role-playing, Brave Tales is a good game for you.

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