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Brawl Busters, originally known as Project Plan B, is an action-packed MMO that features hectic and whimsical style of shooter gameplay from the third-person viewpoint. Wicked and cool style may remind you of its similarity to Valve’s Team Fortress 2, but this free brawler title will present itself as one of a kind in the core.

Brawl Busters

The whimsical style is shown obviously and firstly in the in-game characters. There are fast yet fragile Boxer to throw punches with boxing gloves, slow yet strong Firefighter to handle a fire hose to spray opponents, agile and balanced Rocker to deal damage with guitar and musical chords, long-range Slugger wielded with powerful baseball bat, and highest HP-rated Blitzer to take on multiple enemies with football. Not only is in the body type and costumes, each class boasts its own unique and invariably wickedly cool weapons, skills and play style.

Once you’ve created the avatar, you can choose to warm up in some single-player quests or directly jump into the heat of online action against other players. Before that, you will be briefed by the tutorial of the basic game control which is achieved via combined mouse click and keyboard. Mouse to attack, WASD for basic movement, space bar to jump, and shift + WASD to dash or dodge – those are all operations you need to know and master, simple but effective.

To head to the hectic gameplay, you can try out several different game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Glow Rush, Free for All, Zombie Survival and Boss Battle. Team Deathmatch that pits two teams in the competition of reaching a pre-set point first to win is classic and by no means strange to shooter fans; while Glow Rush is another team-based match in which each player involved starts with eight points, kill one opponents to win the score calculated by the points of the killed opponent plus his/her own points remained then, and fight for own team to reach the pre-set score or the most if time runs out. And Free for All is a killing spree for all, while both Zombie Survival and Boss Battle provide special scenes for you to take on AI enemies. With different game modes on the option list, you can enjoy yourself whether you are in the mood of solo or co-op to challenge real players or AI rivals.

Playable arena scenes are as much varied, in theme, outlay and size. The diversity of scenes adds another layer of excitement and entertainment into gameplay. For instance, you need to take on opponents but also evade the rolling balls and flying objects when you are fighting in the Pinball Avenue that presents a stage shaped just as a pinball machine; and you have to chase enemies bravely but carefully to prevent yourself from falling to the ground to get burned in the Rumble Factory. Moreover, all these arenas are graphically impressive, just like the animated avatars and entire artwork.

Brawl Busters is a free-to-play title that can be fully accessed by all. For those hoping for more comfy gameplay, there is the usual item shop which provides exclusive weapons and armor for gaining advantages in the game. In the shop, purely cosmetic outfits can be purchased permanently by Buster Points you earned by playing, while most of the edge-gaining items can only be bought for Rock Tokens, the premium currency, for a certain period.

Simply put, Brawl Busters is great. Whimsical style, impressive artwork, hectic shooter competitions of varied modes, great visual effects of combat (special skills in particular), and satisfactory background music and so on – all these combine to create enjoyable gameplay that makes you return.