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Broken Realm

Broken Realm
  • Release Date: Dec. 2012 (Alpha)
  • Publisher: R2Games
  • Developer:
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Official Site

A new free-to-play MMORPG called Broken Realm has just emerged on the browser. It still needs further polishing to launch, but presents a playable Alpha version for players to test out. Simple email registration gains me an invitation code. After hours of play, I’d like to share with you an impression of Broken Realm.

Broken Realm

As usual, Broken Realm starts with the character creation, with four classes available. You can choose to be a Barbarian (melee DPS with high HP and physical attack and defense), an Archer (ranged DPS with high critical hit and dodge ratings), a Paladin (melee DPS with brute force and magic), or a Mage (supporter with magic attack and healing power). They are quite standard types that will have their own weapons, equipments, sets of skills and advanced subclasses at high level.

You don’t have any customization options during the creation phase, but you will notice the changes of your character in the game as you continue to play. With level-up, you can see the ever better armors on the body and increasingly cool and powerful weapons in the hand. Take my Archer for example. As she runs around taking quests and winning gears, the costume she wears shifting from iron to bronze and the bow she uses evolves from one-shot to multi-shot. Despite the auto-equipping system and the bird’s eye view, you will notice the changes from time to time.

All starts with a simple quest. You will meet different NPCs, accepting and delivering quests to win XP and other rewards for growth. If you pay some attention to the quest texts, you will get a general idea about your role and mission in defending and supporting the one true heir to the throne. Unfortunately, the plot that threads the quest line is as loose as most games of this kind, while the type of questing is as banal and repetitive. Most of the time, you just run around killing whatever monsters, collecting certain items, or just finding an NPC to turn in quests. Occasionally, you will get a quest different yet still familiar to finish, such as taming a pet, summoning your mount, purchasing a portion from the item shop, or gathering a party to defeat stronger enemy. Grinding, yes, sums up the quest chain.

You can level up to around Lv. 20 pretty fast. Just following the quest line will do. Along the way, you will get a wolf pet, a horse, cooler gear, a long list of friends (yes, friendly community), a higher military rank, a fuller active skills bar, access to deeper Abyss and level-locked regions, opportunity of joining in-game activities, and the membership of a guild and so on. None of the features above is strange to game fans, but somehow the fact that you have to develop to win the accessibility offers a sense of achievement to the loosely structured progression.

Point-and-click remains to be the basic mechanics whether you are taking a quest or fighting a battle. So it’s very easy to navigate your character even in a battle. Combat makes a big part of the gameplay. To kill monsters in the wilderness is the task you will finish numbers of times in game before you can take on bosses in the dungeon or other players in PvP battles. It is less challenging but makes you grow in various attributes. And you need the grinding to activate more powerful skills that can cause area-of-effect damage. The special abilities are varied from class to class, but rendered with invariably great visuals. Honestly, it leaves much to be desired when it comes to the feel that you actually hit the enemy, but the shining and explosive effects of various skills make up for it a bit.

Broken Realm is a free-to-play title with in-game item shop. You can access to most of the contents without spending a dime in it, but have to accept the restrictions on privileges such as creating a guild and being the leader that are usually exclusive to VIP members. And the Crystal that are bought for real money can get you the advantages commonly seen in other games from extra rare pets and mounts to crafting stones that are otherwise impossible to gain.

Currently, Broken Realm has many bugs that minus the gaming experience from the lagging issue to the unstable functioning of the chat box. But it is still in Alpha version and so has enough time to fix them. Set bugs aside, the game is richly featured with solid contents. If you played browser games like Crystal Saga and Mythic Saga and enjoyed them, you will find a lot to like in this one.

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    my name is yaseenbaqi and i am a cool man dud .



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